Robotics in the factory need robust, long-life memory for safety and command buffering. Demands for memory change as robots and controllers adopt AI and enhance features.

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As buyers are determining how to plan for the collapse of DDR3 SDRAM supply, SMARTsemi not only reiterates its commitment to extended EOL, but has expanded its DDR3 offering with new 1Gb legacy density components.

Market Update - Are You Aligned for 2024

The past year has been challenging for memory suppliers. Independent analysts report that customer inventory levels have been depleting while demand has been increasing. Supplier production levels and capacity investments have been cut back.

Additionally, a new post-COVID supply/demand balance has been reached with price stabilization after price declines not seen in 15 years.

The Changing Market

Industry pundits forecast that suppliers will be slow to increase capacity as they need time to recover. DDR4 supply is expected to tighten as mainstream demand shifts to DDR5. And eMMC growth is expected to continue. Price increases are projected to resume and accelerate as we enter a period of undersupply by 2024.

Now is the time to ensure your supply is stable for the period ahead. Qualify SMARTsemi DRAM, eMMC, and Flash Cards today.

Memory in the Brains and Brawn of a Modern, Smart Factory

In a modern, automated factory, real-time adaptive operations are enabled by seamless communication between the AI-powered industrial controllers and the autonomous machines on the shop floor—the brains and brawn of a smart factory.

These smart factories depend on automation systems that rely on memory.

The systems and industrial controllers that are the big brains of the smart factory need scalable, fast memory.

  • The brains of the factory are increasingly AI-powered industrial controllers with vast amounts of computing power and high-performance memory. Industrial Controller memory may involve storing data off-site, typically in cloud servers or centralized databases in storage appliances at the edge.
  • Data stored in the cloud can expand to virtually unlimited capacity and enable collaboration between robots with access to the data. The challenges are similar to those of data centers—expanding capacity within a finite space and power envelope, minimizing latency, and maximizing uptime: network bandwidth, uptime, and security present other challenges.
  • If a factory's AI brains are CPU-based, memory may be high-performance modules and SSDs. However, as memory capacity limits and costs become hurdles, new GPU-based AI industrial controllers may turn to advanced solutions like CXL® memory.

SMART Modular offers various DIMMs and advanced CXL memory add-in cards for systems controlling factories at the edge or in the cloud.

The industrial robot is the brawn in the factory. Its memory is muscle memory.

  • Onboard embedded memory allows robots to store and retrieve critical data needed for real-time decision-making. Whether it’s sensor readings, control algorithms, or task-specific parameters, memory enables efficient computation.
  • With local memory, robots can continue their tasks even if they lose connectivity to external industrial control systems. Local memory ensures that essential information remains accessible.
  • On-board memory stores safety protocols, emergency stop signals, and other critical instructions. In emergency situations, quick access to this information is vital.
  • Placing the “muscle memory” directly within the robot enables low latency and autonomous operation, but the operational environment, finite space, and need for data persistence create challenges.
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Memory components embedded in robots may use SMARTsemi DDR 2/3/4 SDRAM and FLASH eMMC components or even removable FLASH SD Cards.

Robotics Technology Forecast

While robotics technology forecasts vary on the absolute number, they share one thing in common – a Compound Annual Growth Rate of nearly 16%.

Recent forecasts see the market size tripling in the less than a decade.

As robotics and industrial controllers go up, its important to secure a steady stream of memory for both the control and robotic ends of the system.

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