It’s been eighteen months since the signing of the CHIPs and Science Act, which provides funding to increase U.S. semiconductor manufacturing and R&D.  What has happened since it became law? What are the accomplishments and challenges of this landmark legislation so far for the semiconductor industry?

The CHIPS and Science Act


2023 was the year when generative artificial intelligence entered the popular consciousness.

In the medtech space, it seems as though every company is seeking ways to incorporate some form of AI into the digital features of their products and services.

Market Update - Are You Aligned for 2024

The past year has been challenging for memory suppliers. Independent analysts report that customer inventory levels have been depleting while demand has been increasing. Supplier production levels and capacity investments have been cut back.

Additionally, a new post-COVID supply/demand balance has been reached with price stabilization after price declines not seen in 15 years.

The Changing Market

Industry pundits forecast that suppliers will be slow to increase capacity as they need time to recover. DDR4 supply is expected to tighten as mainstream demand shifts to DDR5. And eMMC growth is expected to continue. Price increases are projected to resume and accelerate as we enter a period of undersupply by 2024.

Now is the time to ensure your supply is stable for the period ahead. Qualify SMARTsemi DRAM, eMMC, and Flash Cards today.

Memory Makes Medical Possible

From advanced, AI-powered surgical robots, immersive VR/AR gear, sophisticated diagnostics equipment like MRIs, CAT-scans, X-rays, and heart monitors to wearable health devices and communicators, it’s medical equipment that supports the hands, eyes, minds and passion of medical professionals. Nearly all medical equipment has memory, many with embedded components such as DDR SDRAMs, Flash eMMCs, and Flash SD Cards. These devices must operate reliably for extended periods of time and frequently have a long lifecycle.

Sourcing components for long lifecycle applications is a challenge because memory suppliers tend to chase the main market drivers, including computing/cloud/storage servers and consumer electronics favoring next-gen products over established technologies used in medical devices. The challenge is that older, let alone legacy products are pre-maturely abandoned, making sourcing for a heart monitor design that may have a 15-year production life difficult at best. Our business model enables us to extend component lifecycles and we make it easy to get data sheets, qual reports and samples online to qualify us quickly. Start exploring SMARTsemi memory components for medical applications today.

Compatibility, Availability, and Longevity

As your supply chain partner, we understand your challenges sourcing components for long-life applications, and we’ve aligned our priorities with yours, including long term relationships and supply agreements with Tier-1 manufacturers.


Commercial, Industrial, Wide / Automotive Temperature Grade Memory Components

SMARTsemi is a premier source of commercial, industrial, and wide/automotive temperature grade memory components. From legacy to mainstream, our DRAM and FLASH eMMC devices and SD Cards are processed for the high-reliability and quality that long-life applications need.

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