Defense Electronics

The performance requirements for memory components in defense applications are doubtlessly among the most demanding in the industry. Components are specifically built for stability and performance under a wide range of temperatures, altitudes, moisture, and harsh environmental conditions, and put through mission-critical test procedures.

Defense applications include gathering, monitoring, measuring, communicating, analyzing, and displaying information through devices for recording, telemetry, and tracking, satellites, surveillance, mapping, and guidance systems.


DRAM such as SMARTsemi DDR2, DDR3 and DDR4 are ideal for defense applications that require quick data access as well as allow fast erasing of data for security purposes.


eMMC and other FLASH components are suited for long-life applications where the embedded systems need to be lighter, faster, compact, and energy-efficient; a good match for rugged applications in the field.

SD/microSD Cards

SMARTsemi industrial-grade SD and microSD Cards delivery high-performance, rugged removable memory to expand storage capacity or archive data, video, and images.

Defense Updates

When the CHIPS+ Act was passed last year, $2 billion of the $54.2 billion investment was designated specifically for the American Defense Fund. The CHIPS+ Act aims to strengthen the US’s leadership position in the semiconductor industry by increasing domestic chip manufacturing and accelerating R&D efforts. The fact that the defense industry is paramount for […]
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