Upcoming Products

Upcoming Products

The products below are being prepared for an upcoming release to the SMARTsemi catalog.
This pre-release information is provided for early Qualification activity and Design-Win registration.
The SKU link will be activated as information on the product becomes available.

To add an upcoming product to the design registration, click the appropriate the ADD ITEM button.

Family Density Organization Speed Package Voltage Temperature Grade SKU In Stock Design Win
eMMC 5.1 8 GB x 1 - 153-BGA - -40°C to +105°C Wide KTM8GP1CWW01 1Q-23 Add Item
eMMC 5.1 16 GB x 2 - 153-BGA - -40°C to +105°C Wide KTMAGP1CWW01 1Q-23 Add Item
eMMC 5.1 32 GB x 4 - 153-BGA - -40°C to +105°C Wide KTMBGP1CWW01 1Q-23 Add Item

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