• FLASH SD Card (v3.01/SDR104)

FLASH SD Card (v3.01/SDR104) KTSD8GP3ASIM1

SMARTsemi's KTSD8GP2AKIT1 industrial SD Memory Card is fully SDHC UHS-I (v3.01 / SDR104) compliant. The device stores up to 8GB of data, video, or images in high-performance MLC NAND Flash. Type: UHS-I. Speed Classes: C10 / U3 / V30. The FLASH cards are packaged in trays.

It is specifically designed to meet strict industrial operating and environmental requirements, making it equally ideal for defense, medical, networking, telecom, transportation, and industrial robotics applications as well as video game consoles, home theater devices, security cameras, and IoT solutions.

Key Parameters

FLASH SD Card (v3.01/SDR104)
Flash Type
8 GB
x 4
Read: 95 MB/s
Write: 35 MB/s
23 TBW
2.7V - 3.6V (NAND/IO)
32x24x2.1mm SD Card
-40°C to +85°C (Industrial)
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Design-In/Qual Resources

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09-23/R2.0 - Updated Registers information

SKU MOQ / Increments Source Inventory Buy Get Sample
Industrial Request
KTSD8GP3ASIM1 400 / 400 AVNET > 6 wks Call
KTSD8GP3ASIM1 400 / 400 Chip 1 Stop > 6 wks Call
KTSD8GP3ASIM1 400 / 400 Delta > 6 wks Call
KTSD8GP3ASIM1 400 / 400 FLIP > 6 wks Call
KTSD8GP3ASIM1 400 / 400 Mouser > 6 wks Call
KTSD8GP3ASIM1 400 / 400 SMARTsemi > 6 wks RFQ*
*RFQs placed directly on SMARTsemi must meet a 5,000 piece minimum.

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