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DRAM: How to Pick the Right Embedded Memory

...complexities of DRAM selection depending on the application. Selection criteria DRAM serves as the primary volatile memory in electronic equipment, providing high-speed data storage and access. Key considerations include speed,...
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The Cost of Power Failures in Industrial Applications

...components and select low-power memory chips where possible. Memory component selection For embedded memory ICs in industrial manufacturing and automation equipment, eMMCs are a great fit. As a non-volatile memory...
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SD Performance Standards as well as boot drives. The main criteria for SD card selection for a specific application are physical size, capacity, and speed. Since it was founded in 2000, the...
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SD Cards for Industrial Applications

...also means that selecting the right memory card for a specific application can be complicated. The SD performance standards can guide the memory card selection process. More memory capacity and...
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Optimizing Memory Architectures for Wearable Health Devices

...have to go through rigorous testing for industry certifications. Procurement and engineering need to judiciously select the right technology and manufacturer from the early design stages of a product to...
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Embedded MultiMediaCards (eMMCs) vs. Secure Digital (SD) Cards

...durability, and integration. To select the right component to meet the application’s storage needs, you have to understand the key differences between eMMCs and SD cards regarding capacity, endurance, form...
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Embedded Multi-Media Cards (eMMC) vs Solid-State Drives (SSD)

...option.  Another deciding factor when selecting memory components is speed. The SSD also ‘wins’ on that front. eMMCs (5.1) can reach a sequential read speed of up to 400 MB/s....
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...features of the Service that you browse and the time you spend on those pages or features, the frequency with which you use the Service, links that you click on...
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Making robots smart: memory chip components for industrial robots

...or tasks requiring more than two hands. Memory chips for industrial robots Industrial robots are designed to perform a wide gamut of functions and thus also require a wide selection...
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