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To improve efficiency and decrease latency, computing power is increasingly placed in the field. Whether on the factory floor, in outdoor kiosks, or for defense equipment, more and more devices and tools find themselves in locations with temperatures varying across a wide range. Harsh and fluctuating environmental conditions and SWaP-constrained (Space, Weight, and Power) systems […]
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Originating in the 1830s with the invention of the electrical telegraph, the communications industry has undeniably changed the way we interact with one another and, as a consequence, the world we live in. For decades, the home phone mounted on the kitchen wall and the work phone eminent on the office desk were the norms […]
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Over the last decade, the volume of information and data created, captured, copied, and consumed on a global level has grown exponentially. In 2022, about 94 zettabytes of data were produced and consumed worldwide. With data connectivity and sharing on the rise, networking technology and infrastructure has soared. Globally the networking equipment market is projected […]
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The start of a new year tends to make people feel positive about what’s to come. However, the turmoil of the past few years has made forecasts for 2023 often more conservative than optimistic. The memory chip industry hasn’t been spared of ups and downs. From factory shutdowns during COVID, through the chip supply shortage, […]

Industry trends for 2023

By SMARTsemiJanuary 10, 2023
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According to the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), the robotics market will grow between 25% and 35% annually for the next decade. By 2030, BCG expects that the sale of commercial and industrial robots together could generate $260 billion as demand from manufacturers continues to increase. The industry bounced back quickly from the pandemic as different […]
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According to the World Health Organization, there are about two million different kinds of medical devices on the market today. Especially the demand for and development of medical electronics and digital applications continues to surge to facilitate prevention, monitoring, and treatment. Some of these long-life electronic applications have been on the market for decades, while […]
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Industrial applications are increasingly operating autonomously with minimal human intervention. In that environment, the demands regarding quality and reliability for memory components are stringent. From the outside, commercial and industrial grade products often look similar or even identical. A commercial grade DRAM can have the exact same density, speed, and form factors as its industrial […]

Why Industrial Grade Matters

By SMARTsemiNovember 11, 2022
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The causes and consequences of climate change make the news daily. With the 2030 deadline of the Paris Agreement approaching, public awareness has gone up. Companies have also jumped on the bandwagon, pledging to reduce their emissions (to zero) and rolling out ESG programs across departments. For example, in the semiconductor industry in the past […]

Sustainability in the chip supply chain

By SMARTsemiOctober 26, 2022
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The global chip shortage continues to make headlines even in its second year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic destabilized the market in 2020, the electronics industry has been plagued by supply chain disruptions and shortages. Whether the end products are for consumer goods or healthcare devices, every industry designing with semiconductors has felt the impact.  The […]
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