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Since the pandemic threw the semiconductor supply chain off balance in 2020, OEMs and suppliers have kept a finger on the pulse of the market. The global chip shortage left many manufacturers, from consumer electronics to the car industry, scrambling to find the needed IC components. The imbalance between supply and demand across sectors remained […]

Looking Back and Forward as 2024 Approaches

By SMARTsemiNovember 21, 2023
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September marked a year since we launched SMARTsemi. From the onset, our goal has been to simplify the process of finding, qualifying, and procuring memory components for long-life embedded applications. Since then, we’ve been enhancing the functionality of our digital platform to provide additional tools and information, expanding our product line up and range of […]

One Year SMARTsemi

By SMARTsemiOctober 6, 2023
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Since 1970, Earth Day is celebrated across the world on April 22nd. This year, under the motto - invest in our planet – the event invited businesses, citizens, and governments to be part of the green revolution. Technology is often hailed as a cornerstone of the solutions to the climate crisis with innovations like photovoltaic […]
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The first transistor was invented in 1947. By 1970, Intel commercialized the world’s first DRAM chip with about 1,500 transistors – a major feat! It was fabricated using a 10,000nm process on 3in wafers. Today, top component manufacturers are preparing sub-3nm processes on 12in wafers for DDR5 SDRAM components that have more than 32 billion transistors per chip. […]

A Tribute to Gordon Moore

By SMARTsemiApril 14, 2023
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Over the last decade, the volume of information and data created, captured, copied, and consumed on a global level has grown exponentially. In 2022, about 94 zettabytes of data were produced and consumed worldwide. With data connectivity and sharing on the rise, networking technology and infrastructure has soared. Globally the networking equipment market is projected […]
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The start of a new year tends to make people feel positive about what’s to come. However, the turmoil of the past few years has made forecasts for 2023 often more conservative than optimistic. The memory chip industry hasn’t been spared of ups and downs. From factory shutdowns during COVID, through the chip supply shortage, […]

Industry trends for 2023

By SMARTsemiJanuary 10, 2023
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The causes and consequences of climate change make the news daily. With the 2030 deadline of the Paris Agreement approaching, public awareness has gone up. Companies have also jumped on the bandwagon, pledging to reduce their emissions (to zero) and rolling out ESG programs across departments. For example, in the semiconductor industry in the past […]

Sustainability in the chip supply chain

By SMARTsemiOctober 26, 2022
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The global chip shortage continues to make headlines even in its second year. Since the COVID-19 pandemic destabilized the market in 2020, the electronics industry has been plagued by supply chain disruptions and shortages. Whether the end products are for consumer goods or healthcare devices, every industry designing with semiconductors has felt the impact.  The […]
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Extending Production Lifecycle
It has been 75 years since scientists made the first working transistor at Bell Labs after first conducting more than two decades of research. Ten years later, Gordon Moore predicted the annual doubling of transistors on a chip, dubbed Moore’s Law – an economic driver and self-fulfilling prophecy pushing the industry towards continuous innovation. Whether […]
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Established over 20 years ago, SMARTsemi is a Line of Business of SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. that globally manufactures and delivers millions of memory components annually for embedded medical, robotics, communications, industrial, defense, home entertainment applications and standard, ruggedized, and custom memory and storage solutions in high-growth markets. When you think memory, think SMART. When you’re sourcing memory components, select SMARTsemi.