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As the world embraces Industry 4.0, the convergence of artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced automation is revolutionizing industrial robotics and manufacturing. The lies the evolution of edge computing, the adoption of AI-driven supply chain optimization, and the imperative for energy-efficient manufacturing processes. Semiconductor technologies, particularly high-performance DRAM and Flash memory solutions play […]
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SMARTsemi now offers industry-compatible 128Mb x 8 and 64Mb x 16 DDR3(L) components in standard 78-FBGA and 96-FBGA packages. NEWARK, Calif., May 29, 2024 - SMARTsemi, a division of SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., provider of commercial, industrial, and automotive/wide-grade Tier-1 memory components and cards for embedded applications, announces the addition of 1Gb DDR3(L) SDRAM components in […]
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The Outlook - DRAM Prices Up. Legacy Supply Tightening. Shift to Leading-Edge Generation Continues. The top 3 DRAM suppliers and top 3 market segments shape the DRAM market. DRAM Supply Market Consumption Analysts reported that a majority of DRAM buyers endured a 10-23% DRAM price increase in Q1-2024. In Q2, the mainstream memory market is […]
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Industrial robotics has transformed factories. From cutting costs and increasing efficiency to improving safety and even boosting sustainability, industrial robots are one of the biggest leaps in the history of manufacturing. While the first “industrial robots” appeared over a century ago, the real advancements came with the start of the computer era. Today, state-of-the-art industrial robotics is driven by […]
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In the rapidly evolving electronics landscape, choosing the appropriate Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is crucial for optimizing performance and meeting project requirements. Engineers and procurement specialists play a pivotal role in this process, ensuring that the selected DRAM aligns with technical specifications, budget constraints, and future scalability. In this blog post, we summarize insights […]
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Established over 20 years ago, SMARTsemi is a Line of Business of SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. that globally manufactures and delivers millions of memory components annually for embedded medical, robotics, communications, industrial, defense, home entertainment applications and standard, ruggedized, and custom memory and storage solutions in high-growth markets. When you think memory, think SMART. When you’re sourcing memory components, select SMARTsemi.