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The medical device industry has evolved rapidly over the past ten years thanks to technological advancement. Healthcare devices have become an essential tool to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients across the globe. With an aging population in the West and a growing demand in emerging markets, the need for increasingly sophisticated and smart medical applications […]

Trends in Medical Device Applications

By SMARTsemiFebruary 14, 2024
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Characteristics of Embedded Systems

By SMARTsemiFebruary 8, 2024
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SMART delivers 16Gb and 8Gb components to the market as the mainstream industry supply continues to migrate support to other SDRAMs. NEWARK, Calif., January 24, 2024 - SMARTsemi, a division of SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., provider of commercial, industrial, and wide-grade Tier-1 memory components and cards for embedded applications, announces the addition of 8Gb and 16Gb […]
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Solid-state drives (SSDs) and embedded Multi-Media Cards (eMMCs) both use NAND flash memory. They are found in similar electronic devices and perform similar tasks. However, the choice for an SSD or eMMC matters significantly from the design phase through the user phase and determines, among other things, the performance and price. In this blog post, […]
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Industrial applications often perform mission-critical tasks. Additionally, technological advancements are making industrial robotics increasingly autonomous. With very little human intervention on the one side but high standards for safety and reliability on the other side, the demands on data storage for industrial systems are stringent, including on the efficiency, speed, access, and capacity of the […]

SD Cards for Industrial Applications

By SMARTsemiDecember 28, 2023
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Established over 20 years ago, SMARTsemi is a Line of Business of SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. that globally manufactures and delivers millions of memory components annually for embedded medical, robotics, communications, industrial, defense, home entertainment applications and standard, ruggedized, and custom memory and storage solutions in high-growth markets. When you think memory, think SMART. When you’re sourcing memory components, select SMARTsemi.